Skin Therapy – Monoi Coconut Facial

Monoi Coconut Oil

Monoi oil is is very popular in the East and has been for a long  time,  it used to be known as the “sacred oil of the Polynesians”.

By soaking an exotic gardenia known as Tiare Tahiti blossoms in refined coconut oil, this fragrant and light oil is loaded with  many moisturising and soothing properties.

This simple, sweet-smelling oil offers beauty benefits that range from head to toe.

Monoi oil continues to hydrate the skin and hair even hours after application.

 Your skin will remain aromatic for some time as well.

Monoi Miracle Facial

Step 1.      Exfoliation to  clean and smooth: sloughing away dead skin cells

Step 2.      Balance and moisturise whilst hydrating the skin with a facial serum

Step 3.     A scalp neck and facial massage to enhance the deeply relaxing experience.

Duration: 1 Hour Facial