Welcome to Song of the River

Retreat Sanctuary

(Education for Meditation to help reduce stress and anxiety)

You may be drawn to visit my website for a reason, please take a little time out for yourself and peruse across the pages, we may be just the place for you.

Here at Song of the River we are situated along the River Clywedog Nature Trail, a truly beautiful setting on the outskirts of Wrexham in North Wales. We came here in 2006 after being drawn by a desire to enhance my skills, so as to help people on many different levels, helping them to find peace and harmony.

We soon discovered that the energies here deemed very different. They were very peaceful and after some investigation on the area, we set about hiring a dowser. The gentleman set about locating certain energy grids and to our amazement and through no prompting from us, he discovered certain energy portals around and on the property itself. We believe this links to the Seven Sisters (The Pleides) star constellation in the night sky, parallel to Orion’s Belt.

This prompted me to write a book “Mirror Images and Keys of Connection” sold on my website http://www.healing4u.co.uk

I pride myself in offering a quality time for those seeking some time out, tapping into the special energies here and encompassing new experiences with some amazing energy tools and pampering.

It is so easy to put off taking time out for you, we are here to help and all of the sessions are adapted to suit your individual needs, totally unique to Song of the River Sanctuary Retreat.

Couples are most welcome for some shared time and relaxation sessions, singles are welcome also.

The overnight stays are wonderful to enhance your stay, or you may feel a full day is enough,  there is flexibility with your stay here and our food caters for all dietary requirements, Nick and myself do all the cooking.

We can also offer a Back on Track weekend for anyone seeking some business development skills and pampering, either 1 or 2 persons can be catered for.

The sessions are on a One to One basis either with Nick or myself. Please call me for a chat and we can see how we can help to answer any queries you may have or to find out more about the sessions.

We can also incorporate the energy tools here for a wonderful experience, ie. you may use the Egyptian Healing Rods whilst listening to the Crystal Harp, then a facial or body treatment, the tools can also be used on their own. Sound therapy is unbelievable to harmonise anyone before or after any session.

Please make that call today and get yourself Back on Track here at Song of the River Sanctuary Retreat


Everything about this retreat was exactly what I needed. The location is stunning and so peaceful. Barbara and Nick were the perfect hosts and couldn’t have done more for me. Barbara has such a fantastic knowledge and range of treatments, which she specifically tailored to my needs. A great listener, which gave me the opportunity to discuss my issues and explore them in a gentle manner. I couldn’t have asked for more. Quite literally this may have changed the whole way I think about life.

Fran – Southern England