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Oct 20th 2020 – Hi everybody, My name is Barbara Allen and I run this Educational Healing Retreat Sanctuary ‘Song of the River’. Due to Covid pressures in N.Wales at the moment, we are unable to see people but November 9th (2020) is a reassessment by the Welsh Gov. Keep an eye out on national TV, and or please ring me on 01978 754198 – thank you – Barbara.

Nov 30th 2020 – With the latest Covid rules for England and Wales in place our Educational Healing Retreat is now open. Only one guest or two friends or a couple at max are permitted to be on site at any one time, keeping you safe. We are very Covid friendly (if I can say that), hand sanitiser on arrival and in your private room and bathroom. We will teach you to relax and use tools, listen to meditation music, via Tibetan Sound Bowls, Crystal Harp and other methods. This will help you deal with any anxiety or stress you may be experiencing.