About us

Song of the River (Can yr Afon) is the name of our property here in a beautiful country setting along the River Clywedog, just outside Wrexham, North Wales.

Song of the River is our home, Barbara and Nick Allen, we have been living here since May 2006. Whilst enjoying our home and surroundings, we decided it would be nice to invite people who need to find some peace and solace in their lives and with some guided help from Barbara on many levels, try to put your life back on track. We offer an educational day or two allowing you to prepare for what meditation is, how it can really help you in your everyday lives. We do this with a wide range of therapies and meditations, spiritual guidance, sound therapy and many more. Please take a look at our pages and you will see for yourself how inviting our help could be to those who feel drawn to spend time in this beautiful environment.

We soon realised after moving in that there seemed to be an amazing energy about the land here, so we decided to research the area and invite a dowser here, and to our absolute delight it soon became apparent that we were on the right lines because he highlighted many energy grids on the land in and around the house.

I have for many years been very attracted to the Egyptians and their culture on many levels ranging from healing techniques and sacred energy tools (Egyptian Healing Rods), like the Egyptians there are many descriptions of maps and how they worshipped the Leg of the Bull in the night sky (The seven sisters) commonly known as the Pleiades, I also had been drawn to this star cluster many years before arriving at Can Yr Afon, you can see them quite clearly in the winter months between November and March, it turns out that was the reason for my attraction to the Egyptians and the Pleaides, here at Can Yr Afon we are mirrored to the Pleaides, hence the beautiful energies here which are truly amazing to help anyone who is drawn here and gain the unconditional love portal.

I wrote my book a few years ago explaining the so called coincidences of being pulled here and how many other “Leg of the Bulls” shapes there actually are all over the planet. My book is called ‘Mirror Images and Keys of Connection’, a fascinating read, for those who feel drawn to find out more please visit my sister site http://www.alexandria-connections.co.uk

We have recently added a new Log Cabin to our property, situated right on the Riverside, it is truly tranquil and a place to meditate, practice Yoga and can be booked for a full day for no more than 4 people. Please contact Barbara on 01978 754198 for details.