Skin Therapy – Kansa Wand Facial

Kansa or bronze is humanity’s first metal alloy. 

The two primary metals used, copper and tin are not found in the same location.  In ancient times they must have had some inner awareness that lead them use the two metals.

Kansa has a powerful and healing affect on the human body and mind. Ancient healers knew that there were subtle, unseen energies in the body.  The Chinese discovered a meridian network with vital energy or acupressure/acupuncture points.  In Ayurveda, subtle energy points – known as marmas – were discovered on the chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice.   Thus unseen networks of electro-magnetic energy are affected by kansa.  The benefits are:-

Improves blood and lymph circulation

Natural face lift and improves skin tone.

Relaxes tired feet

Enhanced lower limb mobility

Restores levels of energy

Kansa Wand Facial

Exfoliation to  clean and smooth: sloughing away dead skin cells

Balance and moisturise whilst hydrating the skin with the right facial serum, using the Kansa Wands

Relaxing Rose oil massage, scalp neck and facial areas to enhance the deep relaxing experience. Duration: 45 Mins